3 Things That you Need to be Doing to Make an Income Online as a Creator

The New Model


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Training 1: The Old Model vs. The New Model

Training 2: What Content Should I Create?

Training 3: Jimmy Bates: Start at the Bottom

Academy Stories: Hear from our students!

The Old Model vs. The New Model

Creators have been programmed for years to think that the only way to become successful is through big media companies. Learn how in today's digital age, you can open up your own doors without relying on others. 

What Content Should I Create?

To successfully make a living online, you've got to do what you love! Learn why there is no limit to the content you can dream up when you create uplifting, family-friendly content that appeals to fandoms.

Jimmy Bates: Start at the Bottom

If you can dream it you can do it. Start at the bottom because you learn how to problem solve. This will build your skills at the base level so when you eventually move on and use good equipment you will be more than ready. 

Creator Academy Stories

Hear what our students are saying about the Creator Academy and their experiences as an Academy Insider. Learn why they chose to push play and follow their dreams of becoming a creator.

Academy Stories


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"Peter Hollens has spent years building a positive successful online presence and the lessons one can learn from his experience are invaluable. After working my way through his course, I can say that I’ve come away with a new sense of direction and focus for my career and a boatload of inspiration and new ideas."

Josh Kaufman
Winner The Voice, Creator Academy Student

"As the old proverb goes, 'When you reach the top, it's your duty to send the elevator back down to help the next generation.' With this course, Peter Hollens is sending the elevator back down to help the next generation of creators. He has an amazing attention-to-detail and does a great job of teaching in a way that's both educational and entertaining."

Jon Youshaei
Head of Creator Product Marketing at YouTube

"Peter has cracked the code. He's a textbook example of the New Model of entrepreneurship. The Hollens Creator Academy is your roadmap to take your talents and passions and turn them into a stream of income. Peter breaks complex topics down into simple and actionable steps and all the while empowers you to get out there and change your life. I've loved watching Peter fight for creators and bring many along with him, and I'm honored to call him my friend."

Graham Cochrane
Recording Revolution Curator, Music Business Guru

"If Hollens has proven one thing, it’s that the old rules of the industry don’t apply anymore. He perfectly embodies what the new music industry is shaping up to look like. He did not get a lucky break. He was not “discovered” by a record company exec in a night club or from a viral music video. He built a self-sustaining career on his own – making a fantastic living and supporting his family solely on his music."

Ari Herstand
Singer/Songwriter and Author of, "How To Make It In The New Music Business"

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76 Video Lessons

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76 Video Lessons

7 Hours of Instruction

All-Access to private Facebook Group

Exclusive Blog Content and Interviews with Creators


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